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“The Ghost Pepper” – a short mystery collection – Available at Amazon

Noah Blunt, a cynical crime reporter, and his best friend, wise-cracking surfer Sam Hokua, join up as business partners in Blunt Force a unique “Criminal Research Agency” on the Big Island of Hawaii. Noah and Sam do everything private detectives do, except carry guns. The truth is, our guys refuse to pay the State of Hawaii it’s $5,000 each for a P.I. license! You’ll delight as our intrepid team waltzes in and out of trouble while they solve one puzzling crime after another.

“Endless Evil” – a novelette – Available at Amazon

Two American archaeologists chase the mystery of a mass grave to ancient Egypt. When they fly to Cairo, they encounter angry militants, plots within plots and a monster unlike anything ever known. If they get out of this alive, maybe they will fall in love. This modern take on the “Mummy” myth will keep you guessing, and turning pages.